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Company Profile

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  The company from design, research and development, production, heat treatment, sales as one, specializing in the production of rubber, plastic machinery, extrusion machinery supporting the barrel screw and accessories manufacturers. The company industry experience is rich, know melt glue machine barrel and screw accessories in rubber, plastic machinery occupies a pivotal position, so we in the development, production, quality inspection process will try our best to achieve the product "zero defects". Adhering to "the first quality, the fastest service" has always been the promise of inda company to customers.

  The main products of the company are: nitriding machine barrel, double alloy machine barrel, nitriding screw, electroplating screw, PTA top spray welding screw, all hard screw and machine barrel screw accessories.

  Main products:

  (1) materials related to PE, PP, BOPP and PET; SPVC, HPVC, PA6, PA66, PA12; ABS, PMMA, PC; PU, TPU; PEEK, LCP, PTFE, PVDF; Rubber, etc.

  (2) application industries: automobile, household appliances, lighting, electronics, building materials, plastic bottle blowing and packaging, medical treatment, optics, daily necessities, etc.

  With the increasing requirements of wear-resisting and corrosion-resistant products in the market, we will also respond to such requirements, effectively carry out technical development, enhance production technology, and constantly provide products that can meet customer needs.

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