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Blowtorch screw

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The blow-bottle screw structure has ordinary and high-yield type, the long diameter ratio has 25:1, 28:1, 30:1, 32:1, the screw compression ratio and the type blank head compression ratio combined to meet the controllability of material temperature in the extrusion process, the controllability of material plasticity, the stability of the material end flow. Reasonable shearing and dispersion of the original so that the additive and material kneading and more uniform, different length-diameter ratio structure is different. Such as separate screw: after many experiments in a reasonable position to lead to the side of the prism, can solve the gas impurities in the feeding, compression, screw baking process.
In order to adapt to high-yielding screw and powderfeed, the barrel feed section is set up slotted bushing, strong cold water circulation, thereby increasing friction, improve the pumping capacity of the screw.
The screw structure is suitable for
PE, PP, ABS, PET, PETG, PA, etc.
Apply to the following models
Shaped blowmolding machine: chair back, base, tray, car tank, toolbox, etc.
Urea, Chemical Stacker
Day-to-day washing blowtorch
Food and beverage blowers Road facilities blowmolding machine
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