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The screw is designed for the characteristics of the material, the yield is high, the material is shiny and the particles are full.
Special structure design to improve plastic plastic plastic effect, improve production volume, make a higher value of products, at the same time with a single exhaust, double exhaust structure, dry materials, moisture, water washing materials can fully drain the exhaust.
The first:
The new material graining, can be brand new powdered plastic, through the screw extruded into particles and so on.
The second:
Mixing, modified material granulation, mixing several plastics together, and then squeezing out a new particle from a screw
The third:
Cleaning and recycling material granulation, will be done plastic products, such as: film, tubes, plates, etc., however, these products have been damaged, can not be used, or in the production process of the emergence of residues, defective products, etc. , we need to crush these products, cleaning, sorting after causing particles.
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