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Injection machine screw

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Due to the constant change of plastic application, screw has become one of the keys to injection molding quality. In addition to dealing with ordinary plastic products, I Division has more experience should be for electronic products screw manufacturing field. In addition to the existing screw manufacturing technology, we are more active in the development of special surface treatment dual alloy screw, and surface coating screw, in response to the ever-changing plastic market demand for high-quality screw.


Screw material handling (schedule):

Material   38CrMoAIA 42CrMo SKD-61Mold steel 9Crl8MoV DIN.8550
Process Advantages Related data Processing time  Post-processing data  Post-processing data  Post-processing data Post-processing data Post-processing data
Vacuum heat treatment Hardness from surface to bottom Hardness       HRC50-52 HRC53-57  
Hardness layer       Surface to bottom HRC53-57  
Nitride Wear-resistant Hardness 100H HRC68 HRC45 HRC62(2 次)   HRC65
Hardness layer   0.6m/m 0.3m/m 0.4m/m   0.4m/m
Medium-frequency quenching Process speed Hardness   HRC55
Hardness layer   1.5m/m
Hard Chrome Strong liquidity Hardness   HRC58 HRC58     HRC58
Hardness layer   0.035m/m 0.06m/m     0.035m/m
Chainchin alloy High temperature, good attachment density, corrosion resistance Hardness   HRC75 HRC75 HRC75   HRC75
Hardness layer   0.01-0.02 m/m 0.01-0.02m/m 0.01 〜0.02m/m   0.01 〜0.02m/m
  Strong wear resistance and high temperature resistance  Good corrosion-resistant acidity Anti-high torque



Processing equipment:

CNT Milling Machine

Screw base grinder

Screw outer diameter grinder

Melt inge high-speed soldering machine

PTA Solder

Special milling machine

Screw polisher

Processing range:

s20 - s300mm

Processing length:

7000mm (all-in-one)

Screw structure and application classification:

1) Universal screw for all kinds of engineering plastics with fiberglass

A) Fruit basket machine, daily necessities machine dedicated: high pre-plastic, high wear-resistant more durable.

B) PVC screw: soft PVC products and high calcium products

2) Mixed-color screw

3) Special screw (provides cost-effective products and perfect solutions)

A) Transparent special: applicable materialPC, PMMA, transparent optical light guide board, improve the yield;

B) Glass fiber, carbon fiber enhancement special: applicable to PA system (PA10T-PA4T), LCP, PPS, etc.

C) Special high temperature material: ppSU, PEI, CP, CA, PTFE, PEEK, PVDF and so on more than 400 degrees high temperature;

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